What are your Intentions for 2017?

Happy New Year – what are your intentions for this year?

Welcome to 2017! I hope that you have all had a wonderful festive season. I have spent the time snuggled on the sofa watching movies with the children, enjoying walks with the dogs and getting together with family. It has been a great system recharge.All classes restart on Monday 9th January with Busy Lizzy classes recommencing this week. Please refer to Busylizzywoking.co.uk for the latest schedule.

In keeping with this time of year we will be investigating intentions, how best to use them, why we sometimes have the best of intentions but they quickly loose momentum and how to make them long lasting. An article that I read over the break from @PeachYoga suggested setting an intention for the year based on one word and allowing that word to help guide and inspire you through the year. I have set such an intention and mine is “SPACE” which really grew out of our explorations of the elements during December.  For me this means more space for my own yoga practice and meditation. More time for family and friends. More space to enjoy now.

I am really looking forward to exploring intentions together, finding out what are some of your intentions for this year and sustaining them through 2017!

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See you next week!

Karen xx

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