Time to review……

We are roughly a quarter of the way through the year and therefore a good time to reflect upon the resolutions or visions we had for this year and see how we are getting on.The theme of SPACE for me is unfolding in ways I didn’t imagine. I started out with the intention of making more space for myself, carving out time to get onto my mat, to do my mediation and even though there have been days where I haven’t done as much as I wanted due to unforeseen things on the whole I am doing quite well.  Aside from this the space is opening elsewhere too – some spring cleaning of the house as cleared out clutter making more space around me, letting go of work commitments to free up more space…….

At the moment I am enjoying how this theme, vision is evolving as the days go by.  I am enjoying not feeling guilty for “breaking” a resolution and I am feeling empowered by what I am seeing.

How are you getting on? Feel free to drop me a line to share!

Karen xx