Pregnancy Yoga

Becoming a mother is a very special and personal journey. It is a time of major changes and transformation.  Pregnant women naturally experience daily shifts and changes in their bodies, energy levels and emotions; yoga is a very practical and effective way for mums-to-be to adapt to these changes.

Benefits include:
  • Improved general health
  • Increased energy levels
  • Help with the management of common pregnancy aliments such as sciatica, constipation and heartburn
  • Improved sleep and less fatigue
  • Opportunity to meet and build lasting support
  • Networking opportunities with other mums-to-be

Each class is 60 minutes, allowing time at the end to chat with other mums-to-be.

 “I started yoga as a complete beginner at 18 weeks pregnant, and continued throughout my pregnancy until the week my baby was born.  The pregnancy group class also provided the opportunity for me to share my experiences with other mums-to-be.

I had my fair share of ailments this pregnancy, but I never missed a class, as I always somehow felt so energised after each session. My practice helped me to develop stamina and strength, and maintain good posture as I carried my growing baby, and was a wonderful opportunity to slow-down and stop from a busy day, setting aside precious time to focus on myself and my baby. I found that my pregnancy aches were significantly eased by my yoga practice, and the philosophy of positivity and tuning into my own body really helped me in my physical and mental preparation for birth.”

Anita – mother of two

Class Schedule

Please refer to the latest class timetable.

Classes run all year round with the exception of the occasional holiday which will be highlighted on this site.


Old Woking Community Center (Sundridge Hall), Sundridge Road, Kingfield, Woking, Surrey, GU22 9AT


This is a lovely hall located through the main entrance to the community centre and up the stairs to the right hand side. The community centre itself is located close to Woking College. The hall itself has central heating and lots of windows that can open. However it can get cold during the relaxation so I would recommend bringing a blanket. I do take into account the room temperature during the lesson.


There is car parking at the centre. There are bike racks outside the main entrance or feel free to bring it in to the hall with you.

Class Fees

The class fees are as follows:

£10 per class booked in advance

£12 drop-in : if there is space available and you have a busy month this option may work best for you.

Please contact me to check if a space is available as priority is given to advance bookings, and class sizes are capped.


Classes are booked each month and paid for in advance. Booking in advance guarantees you a place in the class and allows you priority in any other class to catch up any missed classes.

Booking in advance also enables you to catch up at another class during that month.

Please fill in this health-form and bring to the first class.

Gift Vouchers are also available. Please contact me for more details.

Time off work for yoga?

Women in full time employment are entitled to paid time off work to attend yoga classes (included in ‘antenatal appointments and relaxation and parentcraft classes’).

Why 14 weeks?

The first trimester is a time for the body to get used to being pregnant. There are plenty of hormonal changes (sometimes manifesting as nausea, heartburn, tiredness) and it is also the time where the body will either accept the healthy foetus or if something isn’t right our bodies will reject it. If this is the case it usually happens around 7-12 weeks. Exercise, or yoga, will not be the cause of a potential rejection/miscarriage but no one would want to have that association or concern. Especially if you have a history of repeated miscarriages or have had IVF treatments. HOWEVER many women enjoy continuing with their regular yoga practise. If that is the case please let your yoga teacher know. I have happily had my existing yoginis in my classes (flow and prenatal) from conception to until their waters break!

Please check with your health consultant if you have any concerns.