Postnatal Yoga

Postnatal Yoga is designed to align body, improve posture, promote wellbeing and strengthen the core and lower back – essential after giving birth. Postnatal Yoga is a safe way to get back into shape, find core strength and relaxation. The class supports your recovery after pregnancy and birth. Open to all levels, the focus is on building core strength and energising the back, shoulders and chest, all in the company of your baby.

I am impressed I have been with the quality of Karen’s yoga classes. She really is a very good instructor and her classes have very much enhanced my start to motherhood.”

Rachel – new mum

“Karen is excellent teacher, her manner and the mood of the class is welcome and relaxing….very helpful when you are nervous that your baby will scream the class down!”


I am available for private group or one to one sessions. If you would like any more details please contact me.