I am currently collecting testimonials about my classes from some of my existing yoga clients. Should you wish to share your thoughts on your experiences with Samanya Yoga and how yoga has helped you, please contact me.


“Our yoga time is a time and space in the week where I bring  loving attention to whatever is going on in me at that moment  – while Karen is leading us in her loving way through the poses. Our class is also a little community of yoga friends.  I miss it if I miss a class!”–

Viv  – almost a sixty-something feeling full of life 


“A busy businessman and has-been runner, in three part harmony;
1. What I enjoy – It is the best time of my working week – it gets me out of the busyness to feel relaxed, de-stressed and able to focus, while that lasts, on those things more important to me than work – its enabled the has-been runner to run again (a bit), which gets me out of the busyness to feel relaxed ……….

2. What I wish – that I could do it more often (and haven’t given up hope on that).

3. What I endorse – everything Viv says

In short “It’s all GOOD””  



“Karen’s welcoming class re-ignited my love of yoga”

Jane, stressed Outreach Manager


“Karen is a wonderful teacher: knowledgeable, down-to-earth and full of warmth and positivity. Karen gives every student individual attention during the class, advising on how to adapt poses to best suit individual needs and abilities.

I found the classes to be friendly and fun. Each class included stretching and strengthening exercises, practising breathing techniques, and a guided relaxation to finish.”