What is Yoga?

This seems such a simple question and the simple answer is that yoga is a system that uses breath work and body movement. However the broad banner of yoga incorporates many different styles and methods and yoga can mean different things to different people. Yoga can help:

  • Tone and strengthen the body
  • Increase flexibility
  • Calm the mind and promote inner peace
  • Encourage a positive state of mental and physical well being
  • Explore aspects of ancient yoga philosophy

Many people start yoga as a means to keep their bodies fit, lean, and free from pain,and are often pleasantly surprised to find that over time they also experience other benefits as a result such as respite from anxiety, stress and depression, and improved sleep.


I am new to yoga, can beginners come along?

We all start as beginners, I am no exception! My classes are for all abilities and poses can be modified or adapted to ensure we all get the benefits.


I am stiff so probably can’t do yoga can I?

Yes indeed you can! There is too much emphasis on the need to be flexible in yoga. When I first started yoga I couldn’t touch my toes, or even get close, but with time the floor has got closer and closer! The best approach is to have an open mind and a sense of humour. You may be surprised at what you can actually do!


Are there any men in your classes?

Yes, I currently have a couple of men in my classes and I teach others on a one-to-one basis.


What do I wear and bring?

Wear comfortable, lose fitting clothing that you can move easily in. We practice bare foot, however socks can be worn for certain parts of the practise. I would also recommend bringing a blanket for the final relaxation, especially in winter and a bottle of water.


What time should I arrive?

Please arrive 10 – 15 minutes before the start of class to allow for traffic, parking etc. I start classes promptly.


I am pregnant, can I practise yoga?

I personally have practised yoga through my two pregnancies and have found it very beneficial. Yoga is a recommended form of exercise during pregnancy as it helps strengthen, calm and open your body in preparation for childbirth. In addition it can be used to alleviate common ailments associated with pregnancy such as back pain, sciatica, anxiety, hip pain. With breathing techniques are also useful to help calm the body and mind during labour.

Please refer to the timetable for details of my pregnancy class or contact me.


Should I purchase a mat?

Feel free to use one of mine for the first few sessions before purchasing a mat. I charge 50p per use. When you do decide to purchase a mat, feel free to drop me a line for a recommendation.